Collision Repair

We service all your collision related needs. We work with all insurance companies and customers paying out of pocket. We guide you through each step of the repair process and take some of the stress away. We have state of the art equipment and our technicians are trained on a wide variety of repair techniques.


Insurance Claims Handling

After contacting your insurance when you are involved in an accident, give us a call. Most folks are uncertain as to what needs to take place after a collision occurs which is to be expected because they don't occur everyday, but they do for us! We can assist with arranging a tow, scheduling an estimate, advising you with what to expect given your insurance or the other person's insurance, scheduling your repairs, updating you during the process, and arranging pick up and delivery.


Rental Scheduling

If Rental coverage is available with your claim, we will also offer to contact the insurance company and arrange your rental to coincide with your repairs.





Full and partial refinishing available: scratches, fading, peeling, cracking. Amazing paint to match technology and application. Assistance with color selection on custom jobs as well as stripe kits, vinyl application, and lettering. Head light resurfacing is also available for those headlights that aren't just what they use to be. We can bring them back to life at fraction of the cost of a replacement light!



Courtesy Pick-Up & Delivery

We typically work on vehicles within an hour of our location. We also offer mobile estimating, we can pick up the vehicle for you, we can drop you back off, and when you pick up, we can help you with those arrangements as well.


Glass Replacement

Have a cracked windshield? Not a problem, we can help with that too! Back glass, door glass, side mirrors, etc,.